Veggies Made Easy

Struggling with eating enough veggies?

Most of us know that eating vegetables are important for our health to prosper, but sometimes our busy lives take over. The consequence? We resort to quick, easy, and fast meals. And more often than not, veggies aren’t included.

So how do we RX our recommended servings of veggies?

Here’s 3 simple steps to help you increase your daily veggies rep!

Step 1: Write it down

A study conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University of California showcased that when we write a goal down, it increases our likelihood of success by 42 %.

So, write down your daily goal. Because this single act already puts you ahead of the game!

Don’t forget to:

·      Make it measurable (e.g., eat 2-4 portions of veggies a day)

·      And post it on the fridge or somewhere obvious you’ll often see.

Step 2: Plan ahead

Every week, carve out a day to go grocery shopping and to prep your veggies.

For simplicity purposes, aim to prep your veggies right after or within 24 hours of grocery shopping.

·      Before you head out jot down the weekly veggies you want to enjoy.

·      Try to choose a variety of different coloured vegetables.

·      If you go to more than one grocery store, batch them together in one outing.

Step 3: Make it fun!

As soon as you get home or during your scheduled meal prep time, turn on your favorite tunes or podcast and take out all the delicious veggies to sort, clean and chop.

·      Place your veggies in five (5) containers for your lunches.

·      Add the rest of your veggies in a big clear container.

·      Place them front and center of your fridge.

 And voila! These 3 simple steps will help you RX your daily veggies intake! 

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