August 22, 2017 RUSH

Sweat to School

On August 19th, we welcomed a dozen kids for our first youth fitness challenge.  The administration fee was $5 + a back pack, lunch box and ice pack to be donated, thanks to the  Valoris Foundation for Communities That Care (CTC), to children in the Clarence-Rockland community who have limited means.   There were 4 events in the fitness challenge which included running, skipping, tire flipping, tire pushing, pull ups, squats, moving objects and climbing over boxes (just to name a few).  The challenge concluded with a water balloon fight which holds true to CrossFit Kids tradition of ending a training session with a game.

The kids worked really hard and gave their max effort, all for a good cause.  Good job everyone!  We hope to continue to grow this event year after year and keep teaching our kids to give back to our community and to do so while being active 🙂