It’s no secret that strength training plays an integral role to optimal athletic performance.  It is also crucial in the prevention of sports related injuries.  Incorporating an “off season” strength training program followed by an “on season” maintenance program will not only strengthen ligaments, tendons and joints, it will also increase muscle strength and power output.  All these benefits translate to a fitter and healthier team better adapted to handle the rigors of the sport.

Our coaches are athletes themselves who have been schooled in appropriate exercises for each developmental stage. Best of all, CrossFit workouts are fun, challenging, and VERY effective for building all ten elements of fitness:


Private group training includes fitness ‘homework’ assignments for athletes to perform at home, and tracking logs for all players to complete.

Your first step to experiencing team training at Rush starts with your Free “Team Dynamics” experience; a 1.5 hour training session which includes:

1-Strength and conditioning training as well as;

2-Movement prep and mobility exercises, followed by;

3-A talk on nutrition and how it affects athletic performance.

We love working with the youth in our community and know that they will enjoy their training experience here at CrossFit Rush.

To reserve your spot contact Cynthia: