Like it is written…. performance.  This program was created to develop the best athletes possible.  We help our athletes elevate their performance to a higher level.  We provide them with the ability to achieve goals that they once thought unreachable.  Rush performance focuses on building three parts to create fitter athletes: Strength, Speed and Mobility.  Using these three parts we build stronger, faster and more resilient athletes.

Up Coming Training Camp: Rush Performance Athlete Development Program runs for 10 weeks from May 27th to Aug 2rd.  Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm.  Appropriate for ages 12-16 yrs. Registration Fee: 240+hst ** Contact Cynthia – to register.

Tier 1: (10 weeks 2X per week)

1: Speed- Focus is on acceleration and deceleration by applying agility through change of direction drills making Rush Performance athletes faster.

2: Mobility- Creating strength and resilience through active range of motion.

3: Strength- Developping the body’s ability to brace efficiently while in control of weight load; thus allowing Rush Performance athletes to build raw strength.


Tier 2: (10 weeks 2X per week with personal training)

Same pillars as Tier 1

One individual session per week with focus on personalized needs of the athlete.


Tier 3: (12 weeks 3X per week personal training)

Same pillars as Tier 1&2.  100% focus on the athlete’s specific needs broken up into  3 blocs:

block 1: Strength and Mobility

block 2: Power Development

block 3: Speed Development