Welcome to the postnatal fitness program called Rush Diapers and Dumbbells.  Your body has gone through 37 to 42 weeks of drastic change to accommodate for your growing baby.  These changes often affect your posture,  sense of balance and created looseness in the joints.   This program is designed to help woman restore core strength and proper poster as well as build strength so you can forge through your day to day activities and get back to feeling like yourself again.  Our classes cater to all fitness levels, are fun and energetic and welcome your babies and toddlers as well. **Priority is given to mothers with infants (up to 12 months old)

Next Session: TBA (likely in the spring of 2020)  Attendance is twice per week $224. * all prices are subject to HST. The program runs for 8 weeks.



If you have any further questions: cfotticrossfitrush@gmail.com