November 14, 2017 RUSH

Marie-Pier’s Journey

My journey with CrossFit Rush started two years ago when I was 15 years old. My friend, a fellow teen member of Rush needed a female partner in order to compete at the Canada Day Throwdown. I had been working out at a gym for 2 years and knew some of the basic movement like deadlift and back squats. The coaches asked me to attend classes three to four times before the competition so that I’d be safe in performing all the movements. When I first came to a class I was scared that I wouldn’t be at the same level as the others but soon realised that no matter what level you’re at and what your strengths and weaknesses are everyone has a place in the CrossFit community. I did not know anyone there but when I was the last one to finish the workout the others were cheering me on; and when I was done they all came up to me saying “good job”. That’s when I realised that CrossFit was the kind of training I wanted to do. That kind of support and motivation was missing at the regular gym. I fell in love with it since day one.

After my competition, I was so pump about it, it was unreal. I loved the intensity of the workouts and the diversity of the movements in every single workout. Since that day, I joined the CrossFit Teen’s classes two times per week. I’m now going to the box 6 times per week and sometimes two times a day. I’m stronger and I feel better about myself. I’ve always loved working out but CrossFit is different, it makes me feel alive. The most important part about CrossFit Rush is that you always have great coaches who are there to help, support and push you to your own capacity. CrossFit Rush is my second home, it’s my second family, I appreciate everyone there and I’ll be forever thankful for everything that the coaches did for me and still do for me.