Welcome to the CrossFit Rush Camps in Rockland!  Our kid’s programs are centered around building a positive relationship with exercise through a variety of fun activities ranging from traditional sports to functional fitness. They will also be learning about nutrition through snack preparation as well as numerous team building activities.

 The cost of the week long camps: $225 per week (1 snack included).  Daily rate of $45 (subject to availability). For ages between 6-10 yrs old.

The hours: 8am-5:15pm

Summer Camp Weeks: TBA

While you are busy at work, your children will be focusing on burning off some energy;  Here’s what a typical day at the CrossFit Rush Camp in Rockland will look like.

We kick off the day with a hands on nutrition lesson while preparing a healthy snack provided by CrossFit Rush.

A morning exercise class will follow their snack prep with a 45 minute fun workout. The children will get to learn the basics of fitness and see how they can apply these new skills to their day to day life. This fitness class will help improve the vestibular system (sense of balance), bone density through low impact loading and optimize physical competency in the 10 fitness domains*.

It’s time to fuel up with our nutritious snack prepared by the children earlier that morning.

At this point in the day, we will challenge the children with some team building games allowing them to make new friends and learn to work in a team and learn to appreciate each other’s individualities.

Lunch time: children are to bring their own healthy and nutritious lunch. We encourage parents to stay away from processed foods, whole foods are best.

With bellies full and minds refocused, lets burn some energy with a second 45 minute exercise class.

In the afternoon, activities will vary from going to the park (Dutrisac) to practising bicycle manoeuvring in our large parking lot to simply playing sports outside all while using our imagination(summer time).

*10 fitness domains; cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.


For more information, contact: cfotticrossfitrush.ca