June 17, 2018 RUSH

Katherine’s Journey

I started with Crossfit Rush just over one year ago when a fellow “Rush Mom” suggested I meet her at a “Fit30” half hour lunch-time class; she knew I worked virtual from home and invited me to join the other lunch time warriors. From there it all began and I have never looked back (thank-you, Jodie!). I remember being extremely nervous for that first class, then afterwards feeling so inspired. From my first step in the door the Coach made me feel welcome (thank-you, Jeff!) and much to my surprise at that time I could complete every movement, some with modifications, and I left thinking “Wow, I can really do this, I feel great”.

Fitness has always been a part of my life in some way, shape or form and at the time I started with Rush I needed an outlet to direct my energy, or more importantly to build positive energy. Before joining I had just suffered the tragic loss of my brother which has been the most devastating thing in my life. I knew I needed to channel my grief and emotion into something that would benefit me. I have young kids and I wanted to be a better and more energetic Mom and wife, a stronger version of myself. Voila – the Rush Family took me under their wing in more ways than they know. I have never told Coach Jeff or anyone else how much they have helped me. So many times, I wanted to send a note saying “you lifted me up today, you make a difference in my life”.

Over the first few months I realized what set Rush apart from other group fitness classes I had done before.  I was engaged and having fun the whole time. I also saw results quickly. I recall flexing my arms in the mirror, for the first time I had muscle definition! Nowadays I can enthusiastically say that I have gained 10lbs of muscle. I love weight lifting, box jumps, burpees, tire flipping, rowing and although I do not love “wall-balls” or skipping, I do it because I want to challenge myself and I have a team of friends alongside setting the example and giving their all.  My 6-year-old daughter comes to classes to watch; she brings her colouring books and her snacks, but most often she is transfixed watching the athletes and dancing to Coach Joey’s soundtrack (she often asks for “Joey music” in the car!). One class she was feeling a bit shy and had started crying and before I knew it one of the kids Coaches had her off to the side hugging her, then striking up a game and their laughter filled the gym. My daughter is now a part of the Crossfit Kids program and the sport and her experience with Rush has impacted her so positively. Everyone is a supporter at Rush in so many ways, from cheering you on to finish those last reps, to ensuring the kids are taken care of so the parent can finish the workout.

I participated in Rush’s Friday Night Lights during the Crossfit Games and they used the proceeds to purchase a defibrillator for the gym; that blew me away. Most recently I went completely outside of my comfort zone and competed on a team with fellow strong Rush women in the Girls Gone RX breast cancer fundraiser at an area box, that event raised $10,000. Crossfit is a community, they care, and they enrich lives. Not only has Crossfit Rush in Rockland given me the physical results of working hard, but the mental benefits I have received are just as important. Coach Cyn said to me one day “you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable” (back squat training!), she doesn’t know this but I have applied that advice to every area of my life since she said that.

For those who are interested in checking out Crossfit Rush, please do not think you need to ‘get in shape’ before going. Rush is a safe environment and no matter what skill level or body shape you go in with, you are going to see results, have a barrel of laughs, pull out the inner badass in yourself and join an extension of family in the process. Message me and I will meet you there!

Thank-you for everything you have done for me Jeff, Cynthia and the whole Rush gang, I look forward to a bright future and many PR’s with you all!