Gen’s Story

I tried, I really did, but nothing stuck. I was no good at baseball, I am not coordinated enough for kickboxing and I got bored of spinning and running. I was always someone who was naturally strong and generally fit, but I just couldn’t find anything that I enjoyed enough to keep it up.

In 2015 a friend of mine invited me to try Erin Vanasse’s EVX Boot Camp.  She made me do burpees until I thought I would pass out, she taught me how to squat ass to grass; she made me HURT, but in a good way. As time went on, she invited me to workout with her in her garage gym; where she does CrossFit.  This was my first introduction to this type of training.

Later that same year, CrossFit Rush invited members of my organization to an introduction to CrossFit course and I decided to join in. I was literally shaking the first time I went in there. I can sooo relate when people do not believe that they can do CrossFit. It’s intimidating, it’s scary, it’s hard, but I can promise you it is worth it in so many ways. I am so very grateful for swallowing my pride, facing my fears and walking into CrossFit Rush three years ago.

To date I have competed in three competitions, something I would never have dreamed before. This past spring, I even competed in my first RX competition in a team with Erin and MP, a Rush coach . Can you believe that I actually competed with my mentor and almost kept up to her? I still pinch myself lol.

CrossFit has made me be better in every way. I am healthier (now 3 years smoke free!!), stronger, faster, and happier. I found my place at CrossFit Rush; this time it stuck. I have made friends that have become like a family and the box has become a second home. This is the place where I leave all my worries at the door, I push, I sweat, (I sometime swear) and it feels great.

My life since CrossFit has been a series of PR’s (personal records) and at 35 I am more confident as a woman, mother, and athlete than I’ve ever been. Thank you to Jeff and Cyn for creating this wonderful community, to the coaches for believing in all of us and pushing us to be our best and thanks Erin for being my inspiration.  #strongerthanyesterday


Stephane’s Journey

10 months in and I wanted to share (with a little push) that I hit a number on the scale that I haven’t seen since 2013 and it feels great!  I am extremely grateful for the coaching; you guys could sell me an A/C in January, I believe!

Thanks to my co-workers who inspired me to start and make time to train.  Most things can wait and there will always be plenty of work.  I’m also grateful for all the members I have had the chance to cross paths with; since day 1 you have been extremely welcoming, helpful and continue to inspire me.

To the newbies; you are courageous to start.   It’s hard, it hurts and it doesn’t get easier but the benefits will totally outweigh these factors!  No matter your limits, every workout is adaptable to suite your fitness level.  Keep pushing!

To the seasoned: I’m amazed, I’m insprired. I’m watching when I’m not sure of something, you guys and gals are machines!

Thanks CrossFit Rush!

Constantly moving forward.

Rush Intramural Open

The “Open” season is upon us once again and some of you might be wondering what this means? Here it is in a nutshell. The CrossFit Open is the first stage of three in a world wide competition to find the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth. Over the span of five weeks, CrossFit organizers will post one workout per week for all participants to perform. Scores are submitted online and then represented on a world wide leaderboard. What is unique about the “Open” is that these workouts are performed in the comforts of your own garage gym or at a CrossFit affiliate. The top 200 athletes of each region/age division are then invited to the second stage qualifier.

At this moment, you’re likely thinking that you are not a games-level athlete and the truth is, you’re probably right. Most of us aren’t. So why participate? The “Open” provides you with an opportunity to benchmark your progress across a series of workouts. Since the “Open” workouts generally touch on the principal movements of CrossFit, it will help to highlight your strengths as well as expose some weaknesses in your training. It also allows you to see how your fitness measures up to a broader athlete base that extends far beyond the limited “member pool” of your box. Most importantly, the team spirit and support you will experience during this five week competition will no doubt remind you of why you love your CrossFit community.

Back again this year, Rush will be hosting an Intramural style “Open”.  If you are competitive and want to test your fitness against the CrossFit community, you can officially register for the CrossFit Open by going to the Crossfit Games website:  If you are new to our box or are not interested in competing on a nation wide scale, you can choose to register solely at our box and experience the fun of “Friday Night Lights”.  Once you have signed up, you will be placed on one of the four teams. Points are accumulated based on participation, team spirit and performance. Why do teams? To re-enforce camaraderie and ease the jitters often brought on by the idea of competition. Yes, even if you’re new to CrossFit or don’t think you’re all that great at it, you should still participate. There are scaled divisions just like in regular class that make the “Open” ALL INCLUSIVE.

Starting Friday Feb 23th at 5:30pm, for five weeks in a row, “Friday Night Lights” will be the time slot for all participants to show up, perform the WOD and CHEER YOUR PEERS!!!

Registration Fee is $30 cash only ($15 for children between ages 8-13).  The funds collected for this event have 1 purpose:

  1. Fundraiser for an AED (automated external defibrillator)

Participants who are not Rush members can purchase the “Open Pass” for $35 which grants you access to the five WODS.