August 11, 2018 RUSH

Josanne’s Journey

Fitness has always been a part of my adult life. Or it used to be… I used to be fit. At least that is how I thought of myself. For years, I worked out four or five times a week and I was running. I needed a goal to keep working out so I started training for half-marathons and I have a few under my belt. The last one I ran in 2014 hurt! And then I stopped it all. No more gym, no more running. It didn’t take long for my body and my mind to feel it. Within three years, I gained a lot of weight and I had less energy than ever. Going back to running was hard with the extra weight and even though I was never a fast runner, now I was a turtle… you probably could have walked faster than I was running. Needless to say, motivation was low. One day, someone suggested CrossFit. So I checked it out.

I still remember when I attended my first session. As soon as I walked in, everyone was very welcoming, as much the coaches as the members. I want to especially thank Lynn for that very first workout when she chose to team up with me; patiently explain all the jargon associated with CrossFit workouts. Because I felt welcomed and at ease from the start, I came back. It didn’t take long for me to really enjoy the workouts, to look forward to them and to seeing the coaches and members who continue to be supportive and to motivate each other.

I am on track to reach my goal, pounds are shedding and I am getting stronger every day. I feel good 🙂 My journey is not over yet and once I reach my present fitness goal, I know I will just set a new one. I am confident that with the continued coaching and support from the CrossFit Rush family, it will be possible.

Thank you for the difference you make in my life. Thank you for pushing my limits. Even when it hurts, it feels good! Some may wonder why we do this… I wonder why they don’t.