Family CrossFit is a 1 hour exercise program that allows an adult and a child to train simultaneously in the same class.  We are firm believers that the needs of a person of varying ages and athletic goals vary in degree, not in kind.  This class will teach the 9 primal movements (squats series, press series, deadlift series and medicine ball clean) as well as numerous calisthenic exercises.  The combination of these movements will improve strength, stability, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance (to name a few).

This class will be lead by two coaches, one for the adults and a CrossFit Kid’s instructor for the children. This class gives a unique opportunity to train as a family all while having fun!

“Families who train together, stay healthy together.”

Cost: $280 plus tax (1 adult, 1 child)

Duration: 10 weeks

Start: Saturday January 11th to March 14th

Minimum age: 6yrs old

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CrossFit Rush in NOT a nut free facility