February 4, 2019 RUSH

2019 Rush Open Intramural

The “Open” season is upon us once again and some of you might be wondering what this means? Here it is in a nutshell. The CrossFit Open is one of many CrossFit competitions that qualify one man and one woman of each nation to compete for the title of  the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth at the CrossFit Games. Over the span of five weeks, CrossFit organizers will post one workout per week for all participants to perform. Scores are submitted online and then represented on a world wide leaderboard. What is unique about the “Open” is that these workouts are performed in the comforts of your own garage gym or at a CrossFit affiliate.

At this moment, you’re likely thinking that you are not a games-level athlete and the truth is, you’re probably right. Most of us aren’t. So why participate? The “Open” provides you with an opportunity to benchmark your progress across a series of workouts. Since the “Open” workouts generally touch on the principal movements of CrossFit, it will help to highlight your strengths as well as expose some weaknesses in your training. It also allows you to see how your fitness measures up to a broader athlete base that extends far beyond the limited “member pool” of your box. Most importantly, the team spirit and support you will experience during this five week competition will no doubt remind you of why you love your CrossFit community.

Back again this year, Rush will be hosting an Intramural style “Open”.  If you are competitive and want to test your fitness against the CrossFit community on a worldwide stage, you can officially register for the CrossFit Open by going to the Crossfit Games website: https://games.crossfit.com/.  If you are new to our box or are not interested in competing on a nation wide scale, you can choose to register solely at our box and experience the fun of “Rush Open Intramural”.  Once you have signed up, you will be placed on one of the three teams. Points are accumulated based on participation, team spirit,  performance and best photo. Why do teams? To re-enforce camaraderie and ease the jitters often brought on by the idea of competition. Yes, even if you’re new to CrossFit or don’t think you’re all that great at it, you should still participate. There are scaled divisions just like in regular class that make the “Open” ALL INCLUSIVE.

Starting Saturday Feb 23th at 10:30am, for five weeks in a row, “Rush Open Intramural” will be the time slot for all participants to show up, perform the WOD and CHEER YOUR PEERS!!!

Registration Fee is $30 cash only ($15 for children between ages 8-12).  There will be an awards ceremony on the last day with prizes.

Participants who are not Rush members can purchase the “Open Pass” for $35 which grants you access to the five WODS.